Score better in Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These days it is hard to rank first in Google. Constant changes of algoritmes fo search engines like Google means that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is forever changing. Knowledge and experience of SEO is a must for a good scoring website or webshop.

Search Engine Optimisation is a combination of optimization of websitetechniques,l inkbuidling and content optimisation. Therefor it is wise to chose a partner with both technical expertise of websites and content expertise.

Down below you find our SEO services. A little further you can find more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Websites developed by Delicious Media, based in Apeldoorn, are all technical build that they give the highness score on google possible. This results in a measurable higher ranking in Google. Do you always want to be on top of google? Check out are SEO subscription.

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Setup Google Analytics

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Technical optimization

 SEO Metatags homepage

Technical SEO report before and after optimization

Live SEO dashboard

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Technical optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts with the base, the technical aspect. This is like the foundation of your house which determines the strength of your home, thus also by websites.

To score in Google it is crucial to have your technical base in order. 

Optimization of websites is very important for a good User Experience. In short, a fast working websites gives a better user experience and results in longer visiting times and lower bounce rates. Also Google likes a fast and good working website, and this results in a higher ranking in google. The conclusion is that technical optimization is of utmost important for both your user and Google.

Technical optimisation starts with a functional and technical analyse. This includes a technical report regarding the code and fundamental optimisations of your websites. Search engines look to alot of aspects, just a few of them are:

  • Are the codes combined correctly?
  • Is the website responsive, meaning optimised for mobile devices.
  • Is the speed of your website optimised?
  • Does your website contain crucial elements like robot.txt and sitemap.xml, and are they configured correctly?
  • Are the CSS/JS files optimised?

To test how your websites score we use GTMetrix. Are you eager to find out how your websites scores? Contact us and we will send you a free technical report of your website. 

Do you want to find out yourself? No problem, check GTmetrix.

Next to technical optimised websites a good host is of utmost important for a high ranking website. Check out our hosting plans. Want to migrate your website to our super fast managed cloud hosting today? Contact us!

Content optimisation

Content optimization (part of SEO or Search Engine Optimization) is all about the webcontent. This includes text, images, video’s links to other website etc.

SEO content optimisation is all about the writing and structuring of good content. In the text you have to put relevant searching terms which are important for google. Having a website with the right and relevant content, your authority on the subject wil rise. Therefor by Google’s algorithm, PageRank,  you will get a better quality score on your website.

Some of the measurements are:

  • Do the webpages have enough text.
  • Is the structure of your tekst correct (the use of headers).
  • Are used images named correctly in the alt.
  • Are subjects enough mentioned on the page (permalink, headers, text etc) or are subjects mentioned too much.
  • Do you give answer to potential questions of your visitors.

Google judges your website on quality of the content and code.

Reputation of your website and the quality of your visitors

The important of a good reputation

Search Engines like Google do not only take into account technical and content SEO, but also look at the reputation of your website and the quality of the visitors.

It doesn’t matter to Google how many visitors your website attracts, but the quality is important. For example, Google looks at how long your visitors have been on your website or webshop and the number of pages visited. So quality is more than quantity!

A good scoring website!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is so much more than just adding a number of words to a text. In order for your website or webshop to score well, you will have to constantly work on SEO. All new content will have to be optimized both technically and in terms of content. It is therefore important to choose a partner with both technical and substantive knowledge about content.

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